1. Slewing Drive

      The slewing drive achieves the purpose of deceleration through worm driving gear. The worm is driven by a

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    1. Worm Drive

      Our worm drive adopts the integrated structure of worm and slewing ring with arc worm wheel tooth surface. The contact area between the gear and worm is large, and the output torque is one time larger than the product with hourglass worm. This product can be driven to rotate by the electric or hydraulic motor.

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    1. Slewing Bearing

      The slewing bearing is a kind of rolling element bearing used to connect two adjacent structures and allow them to rotate relatively and transfer load. To better achieve this, the slewing bearing often contains a simple connector for fast and convenient connection with surrounding structures.

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    1. Hydraulic Winch

      With a planetary reducer, our hydraulic winch is safe and reliable, with stable running.
      The tooth surface has been subjected to heat treatment, ensuring longer service life.

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    1. Screw Jack

      The worm gear screw jack is specially designed for solar tracking. It can improve the precision of solar tracking. In addition, it adopts unique protection design, which can effectively improve operation safety.

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    1. Worm Gear Reducer

      The worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism. It uses gear to reduce the motor’s number of revolutions to a desired value and obtain high torque.
      This worm gear speed reducer is able to transfer high torque. Used in conjunction with slewing bearing, it achieves the purpose of gearing-down.

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  • R&D
  • We focus on technological innovation and new product development. We have set up a New Energy Tracking and Transmission Technology Institute for the research and development as well as production of solar tracking products.

Professional Slewing Drive and Slewing Bearing Manufacturer

Welcome to H-FANG! We are well known for the provision of power transmission solutions and products such as the slewing drive and the slewing bearing. Our range of slew drive and slewing ring bearing is applied in various areas, including solar tracking systems, engineering machinery, medical equipment, and more. The quality of H-FANG worm drive and slew bearing are based on highly qualified technicians, skilled workers, and modern production facilities. As an experienced manufacturer, we can customize our products to best suit your requirements. In addition to worm drives and slew ring bearings, we can also provide many other products driven by worm gear sets, including hydraulic winches, screw jacks, and speed reducers.

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